The Monsignor Felicien
Mubiligi Catholic High School
In 2012 Lift up Their Hearts began construction of a school dedicated to teaching computer and English language skills to Rwanda’s High School students. Rwanda hopes to become a center for Information and Communications Technology in Africa. For this industry to succeed they must have young adults with computer and English language skills.
One of the major goals of Lift up Their Hearts is to educate Rwanda’s youth for productive and well-paid employment in Rwanda. Discussions with Rwanda’s leaders and educators have provided assurance that this school can play an important part in Rwanda’s development. Fully 80% of Rwanda’s graduates with these skills are currently employed and that percentage will increase as the market grows.

The school is located in Butare, Rwanda’s second largest city. This location will guarantee the school a sizeable number of students interested in computer science. In addition, access to computer technology and the internet is readily available in the Butare area.

A donation received from a private donor and 5 acres of land freely given by the Roman Catholic Church has enabled construction of the school to move forward from idea to concrete plans. Our goal is to raise an additional $30,000.00 by January 2015 to finish the school and equip it with desks, computers and electricity.

The school is dedicated to Monsignor Felicien Mubiligi, a Roman Catholic Priest who before, during and after the genocide demonstrated the utmost compassion and caring for his fellow human beings. And to Father Pascal Bigirimana who volunteered to go to Rwanda as a seminarian shortly after the genocide and then dedicated himself to “Lifting up the Hearts” of the genocide survivors. We should all be so courageous and faithful.

Help us preserve his memory by donating to this school please.

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